The Invisible Miracle Factory

Our ability to perform miracles is inseparable from the higher purposes we’ve been created to fulfill.

In the Book of Exodus, the story is told of the Prophet Moses parting the Red Sea in order for the Israelites to escape from their slave masters. This is considered by bible scholars to be one of the greatest miracles in History.

I think it is interesting to note that Moses wasn’t able to part the Red Sea merely because he wanted to do something amazing. He wasn’t focused on producing miracles. He was obsessed with his dream. It was his vision of freedom for the people of Israel that gave him the capacity to invoke divine intervention, transcend the obstacles on his path, and manifest the miraculous.

Moses was not power focused. He was purpose driven. That’s why he did extraordinary things.

Creativity isn’t about competing with others, proving ourselves to skeptics, doing big things to impress our friends, or demonstrating power for the sake of demonstrating power. Creativity is about allowing God to uniquely incarnate itself through our lives and work.

Our access to creative power is clearest when we’re focused on doing what we’re called to do.

Each person’s purpose in life is an invisible miracle factory producing the perfect manifestation of power at the perfect time to ensure the perfect fulfillment of one’s calling.

The world is filled with people who seek after power, but it is ruled by those who are filled with a divinely inspired vision of who they are destined to become.

When you move confidently in the direction of your passion and purpose, power will become an afterthought because your life itself will take the form of a walking miracle.

T.K. Coleman

8 thoughts on “The Invisible Miracle Factory

  1. Amazing Post ,TK But I am confused about the saying that “If you’re aiming for a goal that isn’t your destiny, you will always be swimming against the current. ”
    History is witness to the fact that all successful people swam against the tide.
    Success doesnt follow easily.
    I liked what you wrote about creativity.I wish I could think like this.You need to be really positive before you start writing like this and I am negative most of the time.But then isnt the saying negative.

    1. Thanks, as always, for your encouraging words. I think your efforts to be more positive are going just fine and I believe you’re capable of thinking like this in your own way. You already seem to be doing so 🙂

      Here’s my take on your question:

      “I am confused about the saying that “If you’re aiming for a goal that isn’t your destiny, you will always be swimming against the current. ”
      History is witness to the fact that all successful people swam against the tide.
      Success doesnt follow easily.

      Here’s my two cents:

      There are two different, yet equally valid, senses in which the term “current” is used when discussing this subject.

      The first sense refers to social convention or group-think (ie. commonly accepted norms regarding what is and is not possible).

      As you so excellently stated, we must often swim against that current if we wish to be happy and successful. You are absolutely correct to say that history substantiates that fact.

      The second sense in which the term “current” is used refers to what some writers call “the stream of well-being.” It is the naturally occurring flow of life-giving energy which sustains everything in the Universe. It is the current of our True Self and our inner guidance. This is a current we cannot afford to swim against.

      So, to be clear….

      We should always swim AGAINST the tide of who society says we are, but…

      We should always swim WITH the tide of our True self.

      We must often swim AGAINST the tide of conventional thinking, but…

      We must always swim WITH the side of inner guidance and creative energy.

      Does that answer your question?

      Cheers 🙂


  2. Its easy for Lynn to say such things áfter the fact. Thén she can say that it is destiny. Ghandi could just as easily have been a racedriver. Its Always easier to say things áfter the fact. Bill Gates was ‘destined’ to become a millionair? He got to be a millionaire because he read the Science of think and Grow Rich.. There is no ‘destiniy’ there are only choices and saying that something is your ‘destiniy’ is merely coming into harmony with what you expect to happen for you. Ghandi became Ghandi because he chóse to do what he felt he needed to do.

    Anne Frank had the ‘luck’ of being able to write about her faith and if it hadnt been for her father, her diary would never have been published. Choices, choices and if the effect of some choices become more obvious to the world, they call it destiniy.

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