I resolve to evolve

Many people who buy books fail to actually read them from start to finish. I still believe in books.

Many people who start fitness programs fail to continue their routines over the long-term. I still believe in physical fitness and exercise.

Many people who allow themselves to fall in love end up bitter and heartbroken. I still believe in falling in love.

Many people who take chances embarrass themselves. I still believe in taking chances.

The value of a resolution or commitment doesn’t have to be dismissed on the basis of those who miss the mark in their efforts to keep it.

The promises we make to ourselves and others, although they come with the risk of potential failure, have the power to liberate us from patterns of stagnancy and mediocrity.

Just as I continue to love breathing in spite of the many reports of people who get it wrong, I continue to believe in the power of New Year’s resolutions even though there are always people who break their commitments.

If everyday is a great day for change, then I choose to not make New Years an exception.

This New Years I resolve to evolve.

I resolve to make the nourishment of my total self my #1 priority.

I resolve to read, watch, or listen to something everyday that challenges me to grow intellectually and creatively. I resolve to live more intentionally by writing down my goals and verbally affirming my ability to achieve those goals. I resolve to become a better friend by increasing the joy I bring to my relationships. I resolve to pray more often for the well-being of others. I resolve to tell others the qualities I appreciate about them as often as I can. I resolve to be an example of a man who follows his bliss while encouraging others to do the same. I resolve to keep believing that life is designed to get better and better.

And most of all, I resolve to love myself unconditionally regardless of my perceived failures and successes.

Whether you believe in resolutions or not, I pray that this upcoming year brings you great joy and abundance in every area of life.

Cheers 🙂

T.K. Coleman

3 thoughts on “I resolve to evolve

  1. Great Post
    The value of a resolution or commitment doesn’t have to be dismissed on the basis of those who miss the mark in their efforts to keep it.

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