Don’t settle for more

Happiness is less about the law of attraction and more about the art of recognition.

Getting what you want will not compensate for an underdeveloped ability to appreciate what you have.

The same blind spots that stop you from seeing how good it already is, if left uncorrected, will be right there to prevent you from enjoying yourself when you successfully attract what you think you need.

Instead of trying to magnetize what you want, try magnifying your perception of what you have.

Don’t mistake this perspective, however, for apathy-based contentment.

The art of recognition isn’t about settling for less. It’s about awakening to the fact that you already possess more than you’re currently conscious of.

Don’t settle for a life of manifesting more stuff. Aim for an understanding of the Universe that does away with the belief  that you are separate from the abundance and well-being that you seek.


T.K. Coleman

The Law of Attraction ends with “action”

“When we make a beginning, we get out of our own way and allow the angels to come in and do their job.” – Steven Pressfield, The War of Art

There are discoveries we make and treasures we gain from being actively involved in the creative process that we simply can’t get by sorting things out inside of our heads.

There’s a magic that is unique to action.

When we set things in motion, we disrupt the patterns of inertia in our lives and we create ripple effects which give rise to new options and opportunities.

The power of the undivided self

We create our own reality, but “we” refers to our multidimensional selves.

We are not brains in a vat and a purely mental life will never satisfy us. We are psychosomatic entities who were created to experience life with our hearts, minds, and our bodies.

It is when we engage the world with our complete and undivided self that we realize our full creative potential.

In the absence of resistance, action is natural

Physical action is not opposed to faith in the creative power of thought.

Physical action is what we naturally do when we release limiting, disempowering, and resistant beliefs about what’s going to happen to us when we dare to grab life by the jugular.

When we know that our activity is supported by the Universe, we no longer suppress our natural tendency to take action on our dreams.

Play like a pro

The amateur attempts to figure out all the answers before he acts. The professional begins with the knowledge that answers are invented and improvised along the way by those who create their own path.

The amateur looks for guarantees before he acts. The professional moves forward with confidence that the Universe will expand in order to accommodate the faith he expresses in his vision.

We are professionals in this game of life. There’s no need for us to play with timidity.

Take a shot at your dreams. It’s time to step out there and be the champion that you know you are.

I’m rooting for you.


T.K. Coleman

Action or Alignment?

In the fields of self-help, personal development, and spirituality, there are two schools of thought concerning how desires are most effectively manifested; Action & Alignment.

Action is usually understood in terms of physical discipline. It involves doing the work and taking the practical steps necessary to bring an idea into fruition. This perspective is brilliantly represented in such books as “The War of Art” by Steven Pressfield and “Poke the Box” by Seth Godin.

Alignment refers to the process of selecting thoughts that are in agreement with ones desires. It can also be expressed as a state in which one focuses their attention in an empowering or encouraging way. The notion of alignment typically coincides with the ideas of “emotional guidance” and the “law of attraction.” Emotional guidance is the notion that your feelings function as a feedback mechanism or internal navigation tool which lets you know if you’re focusing your attention in a life-giving way or not.

When you feel resistant emotions, that’s an indicator from your guidance system that you are thinking in a disempowering or discouraging manner. Since the Law of Attraction teaches that we attract what we predominantly feel, the best way to manifest a desire is to habitually entertain thoughts which induce positive emotional states. This perspective is beautifully elucidated in books like “The Astonishing Power of Emotions” by Esther & Jerry Hicks (The Teachings of Abraham), “The Vibrational Universe” by Kenneth James MacLean, and “Thought Vibration” by William Walter Atkinson.

In some circles there is a debate as to which method is the preferred way to “get stuff done.” Should we follow the “no pain, no gain” mantra or should we focus mostly on alignment and allow the law of attraction to deliver the results to us?

As an avid student of metaphysics, I have a huge soft spot for words like the following:

“We do not create through action. Action is how you experience and enjoy what you attract through the alignment of energy.” – Esther & Jerry Hicks (The Teachings of Abraham)


Is that really all there is to the story? What about old fashioned hard work? Isn’t there SOMETHING to be said about excercising initiative and making things happen? Isn’t there something we all recognize as noble when a parent wakes up really early to take care of their child even though they don’t feel like it? Isn’t there something admirable about the person who “forces himself” to get out there and go jogging because he’s committed to being healthier?

What are your thoughts?

In tomorrow’s post, I’ll give you a few of mine.

The Law of Attraction and The Principle of Recognition

What we attract into our lives and what we recognize as opportunities are two different things.

“Attraction” refers to what comes to us as a by-product of what we ask for and focus on.

“Recognition” refers to our ability to see the evidence of what we attract.

This distinction is humorously illustrated by Chris Gardner’s son in The Pursuit of Happyness:

There was a man who was drowning, and a boat came, and the man on the boat said “Do you need help?” and the man said “God will save me”. Then another boat came and he tried to help him, but he said “God will save me”, then he drowned and went to Heaven. Then the man told God, “God, why didn’t you save me?” and God said “I sent you two boats, you dummy!”

The man asked and it was given, but he failed to recognize the opportunities in front of him because they didn’t fit his preconceived notions of how The Universe would deliver the goods.

There is never an instance of failure as far as the law of attraction is concerned. We always get the essence of what we predominantly focus on. The only “failures” are the moments in which we overlook a blessing or underestimate an opportunity because we were uncompromisingly wedded to the idea that our desire would manifest in a very particular way.

I define “Failure” as a perceptual phenomenon created by the temporary inability to recognize existing elements of harmony, abundance, and wholeness in one’s experience.

Conversely, “Success” or “Fulfillment” is the logical outworking of one’s ability to “connect the dots” in rich, meaningful, and satisfying ways.

We have the power to successfully create new realities through our thoughts, but we have to be open-minded and know what to look for in order to recognize those blessings when they show up.

That’s my two cents for the day, but don’t surprised if I revisit this topic in my next post.

Do you have any thoughts you’d like to add?

T.K. Coleman

My life is financed and funded by the rich substance of the Universe

“There is a thinking stuff from which all things are made, and which, in its original state, permeates, penetrates, and fills the interspaces of the universe. A thought, in this substance, produces the thing that is imaged by the thought. Man can form things in his thought, and, by impressing his thought upon formless substance, can cause the thing he thinks about to be created.” -Wallace Wattles

My inner spirit of prosperity is a wealth magnet attracting abundance, in all of its forms, into my experience.

The abundance of life surrounds me on all sides. I can never get away from it for I am always located in the center of it. It is the very space in which I reside. As a fish swims in water, so my being is bathed in this invisible and limitless sea of supply.

I live continuously in a recognition of this supply and I confidently acknowledge its responsiveness to my thought.

While I am grateful for my job and all other visible means of provision, my faith is firmly rooted in that omnipresent spiritual substance out of which all physical things are made. This is the true and lasting source of my wealth.

From this place of awareness, I boldly declare:

My life is financed and funded by the rich substance of the Universe!

T.K. Coleman

Money & The Musical Universe Pt. 2

This is a continuation of my last post. To read it, click here.

II. The Emerging Paradigm:

 A) The Universe is an open system comprised of pure energy. The Universe does not merely contain energy, but the Universe itself is a limitless unquantifiable Energy Field.

 B) This energy, by its very nature, cannot be the object of ownership. This energy can be thought of as the Life-Force or Animating Principle expressing itself through us and experiencing itself as us. To own this energy would be tantamount to a Wave trying to own the Ocean. This energy is “free” in every sense of the word.

 C) In order to obtain a desired good, one needs to harness, synchronize with, or tap into this limitless energy field in a way that brings about the organic manifestation of that desire. In this paradigm, we do not function as consumers of material goods but as conductors of non-physical energy. Life does not center around earning enough money to buy things. The focus shifts to mastering the art of orchestrating this ocean of energy in a way that harmonizes with our highest intentions.

D) Since this open system of energy-based economics is all-inclusive, Money and other visible forms of currency ARE STILL VALID. Money is neither an inferior or superior manifestation of energy. However, they are not the sole means of procurement. “Alignment”, the state of being a vibrational match to the experiences you wish to create, is an invisible form of currency good for anything one might desire.

 E) In order for one to obtain goods or fulfill desires, the cooperation of external conditions is NOT a strict necessity. To quote Esther Hicks, “you do not need the agreement of others in order to manifest what you desire. The only consensus that is needed is the vibrational consensus of aligned thought.”

While the cooperation of others may be a major part of how our manifestations come about, it is not our job to MAKE the cooperative components assemble themselves. Even if the entire world formed a committee and decided to dedicate their entire existence to shutting you out, you still retain the power, via your own alignment, to create the results that matter most to you.

As long as you do not give away your power by buying into the assumption of your own powerlessness, The Universe must present an experience to you that matches your dominant vibration.

Concluding Thoughts (for now):

Regardless of our economy, regardless of other people’s opinions, regardless of the seemingly limited amount of existing resources, regardless of anything anyone calls “reality”, each and every one of us has access to this energy field. This energy field knows nothing of shortage or lack. A right relationship to this energy field has the power to revolutionize our economy.

More importantly, however, is the fact that this current economy doesn’t have to be revolutionized in order for anyone to thrive. The Energy of Source is recession proof and through harmonic resonance with these amplitudes of abundance, we can know this as an experiential reality.

We literally live in a Musical Universe of vibration. As we learn to conduct this energy with our thoughts & feelings, the cosmos begins to play a unique personalized song of affluence, opulence, and prosperity for us. And there is no mute button.

Love, Light, and Limitless creativity to all,

T.K. Coleman

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Money & The Musical Universe

Lately, I have been delving into something called Sympathetic Vibratory Physics AKA The Physics of Love. I have been inexorably sucked into Dale Pond’s website called “It Really is A Musical Universe.” It’s somewhat of a “heady” site, but if you’re up for the mental stimulation, The link is below. I’ve found it to be a rewarding read;

 It Really is a Musical Universe!

I really dig the site because it’s a very ambitious attempt to account for various aspects of human experience through energy-based physics. While the site itself doesn’t talk about money or economics, I started to think for a bit about how the idea of a Musical/Vibrational Universe could affect our ideas about money and the role it plays in our work, relationships, dreams, etc. This note is the first of some of my meditations regarding Money as seen from a vibrational understanding of reality. 

In the next two post, I will contrast two Economic Paradigms, The rules that govern them, and the way in which those rules affect our ability to create the results that matter most to us.

The 1st Paradigm is what I call the “Old Paradigm” because I believe humanity is collectively evolving beyond understandings of the Universe that center around what has been called by some Quantum physicist “The Myth of Matter.”

The second Paradigm I refer to as “The Emerging Paradigm” because I genuinely feel this way of seeing is beginning to enter into the mainstream consciousness in an unprecedented way.

  I. The Old Paradigm:

 A) The Universe is a closed system consisting of a finite amount of goods at any given time.

 B) All or the majority of the world’s goods are “owned” or “possessed” by someone.

 C) In order to obtain a desired good, one must do so by getting the owner of that good to part with it through an act of charity or through an act of exchange.

 D) In the case of an exchange, Money or some other visible form of currency must function as the medium of exchange.

 E) In order for one to obtain goods or fulfill desires, the cooperation of external conditions is an absolute necessity. In this paradigm, you cannot get something you want unless you can get someone else to give it to you. Even if you have enough money to exchange for what you want, you still cannot have it unless that entity is willing to sell to you.

The paradigm just described is the familiar way, but I do not believe it is our only option. In the next post, I’ll provide the layout for what I call “The Emerging Paradigm” and how it offers us greater hope, freedom, and possibility in an area that has often been know for causing anxiety and stress even in the best of us.

I hope you’ll join me.

In the meantime, create a great day.


T.K. Coleman

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I am a master of thought-force!

I am a master of thought-force! Working skillfully with the Law of Attraction, I consciously create everything I desire.
It is my conviction that thoughts are things and the one who never underestimates their reality is destined for progress. I believe that ideas and concepts are the unseen forces ever creating and destroying that which exists in our lives.

When a man walks into a room, his beliefs, feelings, and perceptions are just as present with him as his own physical body and his attitude has as much of an effect on the surrounding atmosphere as his actions.

My life is surrounded on all sides by invisible forces ready, waiting, and willing to assist and guide me in every endeavor.

We never experience reality as it is in and of itself but rather as it appears to us after having once been filtered through and transformed by our perceptions.

The circumstantial world of events is like a mirror reflecting back to us our individual state of consciousness. We see what we are, we attract what we think, and we experience only that which can be embraced by our current state of mind.

I do not call it like it is. Nor do I call it like I see it. I call it like I want it to be and bring forth my inner vision into fruition.

If we wish to alter our lives, we must make the choice to consciously participate in our own evolution by endeavoring to become what I call “masters of thought-force.” As we construct new thought patterns in our minds, we create new experiences in our lives. This is the practical application of that ancient scriptural dictum “Let your lives be ye transformed by the renewing of your minds.”

The promises and possibilities of our humanity are great and vast.

Let us each go within and lift ourselves to new heights. For as we elevate ourselves we elevate all of humanity with us.

There is only one Power in the Universe and it is a Power which does not disagree with itself. This Power is that which creates life and as we flow in harmony with it, we experience all of the abundance which is life.

There is nothing in the Universe which opposes my expansion nor is there anything which prohibits the manifestation of my good. Nothing with true power is working against me and everything with true power is working for me. 

Cheers 🙂

T.K. Coleman

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“Prove to me my thoughts create my reality!”

Note: There were some technical problems with the WordPress server this weekend and some subscribers reported having not received post updates in their email. So if you missed yesterday’s post, “Good girls, bad guys, and the law of attraction“, be sure to check it out. I’ve also made significant revisions to Law of Attraction or “Opposites Attract?” if you’re interested.
I’ve been on a “law of attraction” kick for the last couple of days so I thought I’d share my two cents on a question that gets raised quite frequently by those who are considering the possibility that by changing their thoughts they can change their lives. I hope you enjoy. Cheers 🙂 -T.K.

The million dollar question:

“How can I know my thoughts create my own reality?”

Questioning the questions

A freshman philosophy student decided to stump his Professor one day;

 “Hey Teacher, prove to me that I exist!”

The teacher didn’t miss a beat. He shot right back;

“I would love to, but whom shall I say is asking the question?”

Sometimes we can arrive at the best answers simply by questioning the questions.

In a similar way, it might be helpful to challenge yourself to provide an example of how a person’s thoughts DO NOT create their reality. 


Reality versus Experience

I would start by making the distinction between “Reality” and “Experience.”

“Reality” refers to the world. It refers to what is actually happening independently of anyone’s perceptions, beliefs, feelings, etc.

“Experience” refers to the way in which a particular individual perceives, processes, and reacts to “Reality.”

When proponents of the Law of Attraction say “you create your own reality”, they are not saying you can uproot a tree from the ground just by visualizing it for a few minutes using Harry Potter styled magic mind power. They are referring to the control you have over your own personal experience of Reality. 

Although there may seem to be a single Reality we all occupy, we each experience this Reality differently because every person has a unique way of perceiving, processing, and reacting to the world.

A lesson from dogs about perception and reality

Here’s a simple example:

Scientists tell us the spectrum of sound extends indefinitely in both directions. This means there are sounds we can’t detect because they lie outside the range of human hearing.

Dog whistles prove this. A room can be very noisy to a dog while seeming silent to a man. This clearly illustrates how we do not experience reality as it “actually” is. We experience reality only in accordance with how our perceptual filters have processed it.

Is the room REALLY quiet or is it REALLY noisy? Well, which one IS it? It all depends on who you ask. Are you asking the dog? Or the man? When a man says “it’s quiet in here”, he’s not describing the room. He’s describing the way in which he’s experiencing the room. This is true of all things.

We often speak of how things are, but we’re really just telling a story about how we are experiencing things. This is what the philosophers were getting at when they asked “Is the glass half empty or half full?” Well, it depends. As Bill Cosby quipped “Are you drinking or pouring?”

Life is exactly as you think it is

Our beliefs, expectations, moods, assumptions, etc., act as perceptual filters that literally color and shape our world into a unique personal experience.

When you’re in a good mood and everything has been going your way, you may not mind when someone steps on your toe. They apologize and you say “it’s all good!” But when everything seems to be going wrong, someone stepping on your toe might honestly seem as if the universe is conspiring against you. You might stub your toe and say “I can’t BUY a break!” Now if you’re in a REALLY good mood, you might be happy with the opportunity to say “hello” to the guy who stepped on your toe which might lead to making a new friend. One event, three experiences.

The difference between an opportunity, an incident, and a conspiracy can all come down to how you process reality with your thoughts. The same guy can be a “loser”, a “saint”, a “lunatic”, or “the funniest cat ever” to 4 different people.

So…back to the challenge. Try to observe  some facet of reality from a purely neutral perspective. Describe anything in a way that is not influenced by your own personal vantage point. This simple little exercise may help illuminate a very basic idea;

You can’t observe the world without observing it from your perspective.

Even when you ask others what their take is, you are filtering their descriptions through your perspective. So it always comes back to you.

Your thoughts create your experience because you can’t have an experience, by definition, until you take Reality and mix it up with your thoughts.

At least that’s how I see it over here in my reality 🙂

What do you think?

T.K. Coleman

Update: A friend of mine just informed me that I should not limit the capacity of our human potential by implying that we can NOT uproot trees. I stand corrected. Folks, if you put your mind to it, you can even uproot the tree 🙂

Good girls, bad guys, and the law of attraction

In my last post, I addressed a question about how the scientific notion of “opposites attract” relates to the popular idea known as “the law of attraction.” That post is a background for this one. To read, please click here. In a recent discussion with a friend and fellow blogger, Chaz (click here for his inspiring blog), I was prompted to think about the age-old phenomenon of the “good girl” who goes for the “bad guy” and how that relates, if at all, to the idea that “like attracts like”.  What follows is my explorative effort to reconcile the two. Let’s dive in and see what happens, shall we? Cheers 🙂 -TK

The “good girl” and the “bad boy”

Let’s say there’s a quiet, shy, and reserved lady who’s regarded by everyone she knows as a morally conservative “good girl.”  She’s never drank before; never uttered a swear word; never angered anyone; never rebelled against authority. She’s always been a good student, friend, and employee because she’s never failed to do the “right things”.

However, she has a budding taste for a more adventurous life. She’s not necessarily bored, but she does long to venture out beyond the confines of her known world. She would love to have someone in her life who challenges her to step outside of her comfort zones, take risks, and explore new possibilities.

Along comes the town “bad boy.” He breaks all the rules, takes hogwash from no one, rides a motorcycle, and rebels against authority as a profession. He arrogantly thinks he’s above the law, walks with a champion’s swagger, and feels quite sure of himself.

Although a part of our “good girl” wants the kind of man from the romantic comedies, she still finds herself drawn to this “bad boy” none of her friends ever thought she’d go for.

How could it be?

Opposites really do attract, right?

Not so fast!

There’s more than meets the eye

In my last post, “Law of Attraction or Opposites Attract?”, I said the following:

If you observe closely, you’ll find that every instance of attraction involves both opposites and similarities depending on what vantage point you are looking at it from.

I believe this holds true for the “good girls/bad boys” phenomenon too.

Let’s take a deeper look:

Although they appear to be opposites on a superficial level, our “good girl” and “bad boy” have a high degree of energetic compatibility.

The “bad boy’s” reckless persona is vibrating at the same frequency as the “good girl’s” taste for adventure and self-exploration.

With his confidence and experience, he offers her the opportunity to safely follow his lead while he introduces her to a way of living that breaks her free from the monotony of her routine life. He might not be the ideal guy for her in the long-term, but the energy of what he lives is highly compatible with the energy she’s curious to explore.

Ladies who are often considered “good girls”  frequently report that although “bad boys” are less than ideal dating candidates, they tend to exhibit leadership qualities that they find very appealing.

Contrary to outward appearances, this is not a simple one-sided case of “opposites attract.” It’s also a classic example of “like attracts like” when looked at from an alternative point of view.

The real opposite may not be what you think

Many so-called “good guys” are actually the true opposite of what some “good girls” are looking for.

“Good guys” make great employees because they show up on time, say all the right things, and never offend anyone, but their tendency to always play it safe  can very easily make them seem boring to someone who is already all too familiar with that world.

The world has never seen a creative person or a great leader who wasn’t willing to take the risk of saying or doing something that could be deemed offensive.

Some “good guys” tend to earn their reputation by avoiding such risks as if they were plagues. They may attend the same church as the “good girls”, but outside of superficial qualities they may have very little in common.

Let’s imagine a first date scenario:

The good girl says her favorite movie is “Romeo & Juliet.”

The good guy responds by saying all the right things. By playing it safe in order to avoid ruining the date, he fails to take her outside of her known world with a fresh opinion. He’s good, safe, harmless, and….BORING!

The bad boy laughs, gives 10 reasons why he hates that movie, and then changes the subject to politics AND religion. Although she completely disagrees with him and doesn’t necessarily enjoy having her favorite movie laughed at, the “bad boy” creates intrigue by offering a way of looking at the world that differs from hers. “Hmmm. In what other ways is he capable of doing this?” 2nd date!

This is not a formula, of course. It doesn’t always work this way. All women don’t look for the same thing. All “good girls” aren’t into “bad boys.” All “good girls” who are into “bad boys” aren’t into the same kind of “bad boys.” All “good guys” aren’t boring. The details of every situation differs so you’re not going to win someone’s heart with a formula you create from my blog. This isn’t dating advice nor is it a sweeping assessment of the wide range of personality types our world is filled with.

My point is much more fundamental and here it is:

When we observe instances in which opposites seem to attract, it’s only because we are focusing primarily on those elements in the situation that are different from one another. We’re comparing the outfits that are being worn, the jobs they work at, their respective genders, the color of their skin, their religious beliefs, the music they listen to, etc.

But we live in a world of great diversity and the possibilities for attraction extend far beyond the range of what can always be detected with the visible eye.

Why? Because there is more to what we are than our physical makeup and our outer appearances.

Everything in the Universe is made of energy and that includes us. We are energy-beings. This energy vibrates according to the pattern of our thoughts, words, feelings, character, and actions.

What does this have to do with tough-minded optimism?

Once you grasp why opposites seem to attract, you can make this understanding work for you.

There may be something you desire to have in your life; companionship, abundance, adventure, a fulfilling career, or improved health.

From your current point of view, the object of your desire may seem to be the complete opposite of who you are or what you possess.

Your desire for companionship, for instance, may be the complete opposite of your current predicament of loneliness. Your desire for abundance may be the complete opposite of your present condition of financial lack.

Don’t compare what your current situation LOOKS LIKE to what your desired situation LOOKS LIKE.

Raise your vibration by adjusting your attitude and tune into the frequency of well-being.  

Establish energetic compatibility between your thoughts and the conditions you desire. And with time and practice, you can magnetize those very things into your experience.


T.K. Coleman