Shaped by my mistakes?

“I was shaped by my mistakes.” -Janice Dickinson

Question: Weren’t we all?

Answer: Not exactly.

Some people are broken and destroyed by their mistakes because they don’t choose to learn from them and go beyond them.

The only people who are shaped by their mistakes are those who deliberately decide to get better and grow stronger because of them.

In nature, evolution seems to happen on its own.

In the realm of human consciousness, our participation is required.

Look into your future. Mistakes lie ahead. It’s just a matter of time.

That is for certain.

The only open-ended question is, “will you you allow your life to be positively shaped by those mistakes?”

It’s your call.

I hope you answer that question in a way that pleases YOU.


T.K. Coleman

3 thoughts on “Shaped by my mistakes?

  1. What if those people that become broken and torn a part by their mistakes learn from them still- thety just weren’t able to learn in a positive fashion? What I mean is: what if by becoming broken and torn by this mistake they learned from it? Learning doesn’t always have to be a positive process. In fact, I’ve learned some of the best things in sort of a negative manner. A few of the mistakes that I have made, and a few of the people that I associate myself with, were negative at their best, and the lesson that was learned was not a positive lesson (at least, we didn’t percieve them as positive until later). If we learned from our mistakes in a negative fashion with a positive outcome later, is it the same as being shaped by these mistakes?



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