Imagination is…

the invisible pen with which man can write and rewrite the story of his life.

Imagination is…

the brush whose every stroke colors the canvas of space-time according to its own whim.

Imagination is..

power and the soul who dares to believe in it will never be put to shame.

Through imagination we can heal ourselves, forgive our enemies, and redeem our communities.

Through imagination we can revise our past, embellish our present, and create our future.

Through imagination we can transcend our boundaries, reinvent our identities, and recontextualize our lives.

Through imagination we come to see ourselves no longer as helpless or worthless beings, but as individualized expressions of Infinite Strength, Infinite Beauty, and Infinite Love.

Through imagination we are liberated from the prison of self doubt and empowered to create the self and the reality of our own choosing.

T.K. Coleman

*The title, “I-Magi-Nation”, is inspired by the following quote from a talk delivered by Daryl Anka: “I-magi-nation! You are nation of magicians!”

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