TK’s Two Cents on “How to become brilliant”

Don’t practice, study, read, write, or work to become brilliant. Do these activities because you have found something that moves you to a place of excitement and self-discovery. The most brilliant minds are typically those whose last thought was of becoming brilliant. Their brilliance was the by-product of their obsession with some problem, question, paradox, or possibility which led them down a path of rigorous, yet intoxicating, devotion to detail. 

The term “Brilliance” refers to an “intense brightness of light.” In a sense, we all already have the innate capacity for brilliance because we were created to be conduits of divine light. Ancient mystics refered to this capacity as the “Divine Spark” or the “Imago Dei” (latin for Image of God) which exists at the core of all human beings. When we disregard our passions and downplay our potential, this Light within shines dimly giving our personality and our lives a dull appearance. When we dare to follow our highest excitement, however, our eyes light up, our faces glow, and the divine spark radiates at an intensity that makes everyone around us feel more alive. In a word, we shine. 

It is impossible to be anything less than brilliant when one follows the path of least resistance and totally immerses him or herself in their passions. Maya Angelo once said “Do what you love and the money will follow.” I suggests the same is true of brilliance.

That’s my two cents. What do YOU think? Feel free to comment below.


T.K. Coleman

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